What Should Martial Artists Call Me

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Anonymous asked: What are some of your favorite taekwondo (or just martial arts in general) quotes/sayings?

REALLY UNORIGINAL but Bruce Lee’s “Be water, my friend” has always stuck with me.

Anonymous asked: Is your school ITF or WTF?

I think it was once ITF, but that was before I was even born. We’re WTF now. 

ughelisha asked: I'm also a martial artist I'm going up for my second degree black belt in November, your blog is so good and relatable 😊 do you have kik?

That’s exciting! Good luck, and thank you for the compliment :) And no, sorry, I don’t have a kik

cowabunga-brah asked: Sooo I'm testing for my brown belt in judo next week Wednesday and I aM FREAKING OUT!!!!!

That’s a coincidence because I freaked out for my brown belt test in taekwondo lol. You can do it! Just try to keep calm, don’t let your nerves get to you. My nerves were so bad that i couldn’t really eat that whole day or sleep and I actually almost cried (ugh) when it came time to break boards, but I broke everything I had to break. I was nervous for nothing, and so are you :) you’ll do great

Anonymous asked: How would you describe your sparring style?

Offensive, usually. My most common combos would probably be middle front snap kick, backfist; middle roundhouse, high hook kick; and middle front, middle front, roundhouse, turning side. I guess I also do middle punch, middle punch, high punch a lot. Basically I just keep up powerful, fast kicks to intimidate my opponent and not give them much time to think.