What Should Martial Artists Call Me

Anonymous asked: How do you think martial arts has affected your life outside of the dojo (at school, at home, etc)?

this sounds bad but.. i’ve learned when to shut up lol

i’ve also developed a higher sense of security and confidence in my abilities. i also complain less about what needs to be done

Anonymous asked: Are you a sprinter, mid-distance runner, or long-distance runner? (Sorry, I know this is a martial arts blog, I'll keep the running questions to a minimum!) :)

haha i’m long distance in the fall for cross country, but in the spring during track my main focus is discus, but i do some mid distance relays and sprint relays because they’re fun :)

Anonymous asked: Do you identify more as a runner or martial artist?

Equally both… I’m better at martial arts compared to running I think, but both activities make up my life :P