What Should Martial Artists Call Me

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ihatemath-17 asked: Hey there fellow martial artist, I hope your doing well.

Unfortunately my school is on break until September, but I’m well :D I hope you are the same, as well as anyone reading this!

Anonymous asked: Hi! Just saw the ask about getting a black belt in 2 years. It completely depends on the style of martial arts, your instructor, and your own skill and dedication. The average time training for first degree is 4 years at my school, and I did it in 2. I was nervous, but looking back I've realized black belt is just a new beginning. I have come so far since my first black belt test. Black belt isn't perfection. It's an amazing accomplishment, but there's still a lot more to learn :)

yes anon! :) rank actually means little, what does matter is what you’ve learned and how you can apply those skills and lessons to every day life. 

born-with-nothing asked: Hi, I have been studying yoshinkan Aikido for about 14 weeks now and i am about to have my first grading (in 3 weeks). The cool thing about that is i am being double graded. Now, i have tried other martial arts but always found them lacking in something (just my opinion), the difference with the dojo i now train at is that we get some of the great Aikido practitioners training us including; Robert mustard and Joe thanbu. I was wondering what is your opinion of yoshinkan Aikido?

I actually don’t really have an opinion of it… This is the first I’ve really heard of it, to be honest, sorry… But that’s cool that you’re being double graded! And I’m glad you’ve found a martial art that’s not lacking to you :)