What Should Martial Artists Call Me

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Anonymous asked: Blog more plz. U r funny.

Thank you, I try to blog as much as I can and have time/inspiration for.


I’m writing a college essay and the prompt is “If you could do only one of the activites you’ve listed in the activities section of your application, which would you do and why?” so I picked martial arts and it has to be around 100 words… And I just can’t fit all this stuff into 100 words hOW DO YOU DO THAT?!



Hey guys. I’m writing this as a call for help.

I don’t really know how i can help my sensei- but right now he’s facing not being able to continue teaching.

right now my sensei sublets from a lady who rents a dance studio. and we’re more like a tiny club of 20 ppl…

kicksandcookies asked: Today I start teaching the beginners class at my studio (Tang Soo Do). I'm super excited, but my class is after that, meaning I will be working/training for about 3 hours. Any advice about teaching, stamina, scheduling?

Don’t over work yourself, know your limits, get plenty of sleep, and eat well :) you also might want to try running and sprints outside of class, it’ll build up your stamina.