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kicksandcookies asked: Today I start teaching the beginners class at my studio (Tang Soo Do). I'm super excited, but my class is after that, meaning I will be working/training for about 3 hours. Any advice about teaching, stamina, scheduling?

Don’t over work yourself, know your limits, get plenty of sleep, and eat well :) you also might want to try running and sprints outside of class, it’ll build up your stamina.

ihatemath-17 asked: Hey there fellow martial artist, I hope your doing well.

Unfortunately my school is on break until September, but I’m well :D I hope you are the same, as well as anyone reading this!

Anonymous asked: Hi! Just saw the ask about getting a black belt in 2 years. It completely depends on the style of martial arts, your instructor, and your own skill and dedication. The average time training for first degree is 4 years at my school, and I did it in 2. I was nervous, but looking back I've realized black belt is just a new beginning. I have come so far since my first black belt test. Black belt isn't perfection. It's an amazing accomplishment, but there's still a lot more to learn :)

yes anon! :) rank actually means little, what does matter is what you’ve learned and how you can apply those skills and lessons to every day life.