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Anonymous asked: i train in bjj and i love it but lately i've had an interest in aikido and not only are there no legit schools around here i wouldn't even have the money

Well hopefully someday you’ll get a chance to practice aikido as well :)

corporateworldproblems asked: Hey, you are incredible. I've been training in Kempo Jujutsu for about a year now, and I am head-over-heels, first-8th-grade-crush in love with it. I can't even explain in words how relevant your blog posts are. The hair fixing, the being the only girl in class, explaining the arts to your friends and family...you nail it. Well done, my friend. *internet bow*

I’m glad you’ve found a martial art you’re so passionate about :) thanks for your kind words!!

traininginkorea asked: Black belt attaining has been on my mind alot. I train in Hapkido in Korea and the standard time here is 1 year. But as my 괸장님 says 1st Dan is so easy kids can do it. So whilst I am a BB i don't place too much importance on it. Continued...

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traininginkorea asked: I think rank is given too much importance by many. Rank and whether or not what we do has lineage or is traditionally authentic. Personally i think MA is a personal journey and you should just rely on your skill to show others where you are. Cont...

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traininginkorea asked: Whilst we learn from Black Belts we should never forget white belts and between can teach us things also. We should see all others as an opportunity to learn from. Rigidly ranking who you respect just holds you back.

better myself.

gravatity asked: Hi!!! I read that anon about getting to 1st dan in two years and wanted to chip in, if that's okay! The quickest time to get to black belt in my association is 3 years but that's only been done by one person, my mum haha, no pressure on me! Personally I think that if Sensei thinks you're ready to grade, then you're ready to grade :)

More input :)

Anonymous asked: I've been looking around the topic of mcdojos lately and watered down versions of martial arts. I'm going up for my black belt next month after two years of training. I have some questions. Do you think that's too little of time? How long did it take you? Can you handle yourself in a fight? There are questionable things in my dojo like what I said but then again we do actual combos, 2 pt sparring, board breaks, fancy kicks, and forms. The other black belts there are amazing. Just thought I'd ask

Well to start off, I’m not a black belt :P I don’t know if that changes the value of my words, but I’ll go on anyways lol. In my own opinion and with everything I’ve been taught and seen, two years is probably not enough time. Black belts at my school take a minimum of about six years until they’re ready. However, I’ve never seen what you can do, and my opinion is FAR beneath that of your instructors as they are a million times more qualified to determine if you’re ready or not. Also, you have to feel ready for that promotion and I cannot stress this enough. Moving on to your next question, full on fights are something I’ve been lucky enough to avoid my whole life so far (thank God). I feel confident enough to say that I could “handle myself,” but my definition of that would be to get the person I’m fighting to a point where I could have the chance to run to safety. To finish up, if you think that your dojo really is a mcdojo, then maybe it’s best not to waste your time. There are many great schools out there dedicated to helping people succeed in martial arts, but none of them are perfect. If you like your dojo (which I feel you probably do considering your comment about the black belts :)) then stick with it. If not, then it’s probably time to find a different school. Just remember that rank really only exists within your dojo.